3 Solutions Onboard Home Buyers, Inc. Can Offer Florida Homeowners Who are Facing Foreclosure

3 Solutions Onboard Home Buyers, Inc. Can Offer Florida  Homeowners Who are Facing Foreclosure

Foreclosure is one of the most dreaded scenarios for homeowners, representing the loss of both their home and financial stability. Florida, being one of the hardest-hit states during the housing crisis, has a substantial number of homeowners who have faced or are currently facing foreclosure. In these trying times, homeowners seek help, guidance, and viable solutions to escape this predicament.

Onboard Home Buyers, Inc., a leading real estate solutions company in Florida, offers an array of services to assist homeowners in distress. For those grappling with the looming threat of foreclosure, the firm provides three primary solutions to alleviate the situation:

1. Home Buying Program

Fast Cash Offer: The most direct solution Onboard Home Buyers, Inc. offers is buying the home quickly for cash. This process can be completed in as little as seven days. The significant advantage here is speed. Traditional real estate transactions can take weeks or even months. In a foreclosure scenario, time is of the essence. A fast cash offer provides homeowners with the immediate funds they need to settle their debts and move forward.

No Repairs Needed: Another benefit of this program is that homeowners can sell their property “as-is.” There’s no need to invest in repairs or home staging. This is particularly beneficial for those who don’t have the resources or time to prepare their home for a traditional sale.

No Commissions or Fees: Unlike conventional real estate transactions, Onboard Home Buyers, Inc. doesn’t charge any fees or commissions. This means homeowners get to keep more of the money from the sale, which can be essential when trying to recover from financial hardship.

2. Loan Modification Assistance

For homeowners who wish to keep their homes, Onboard Home Buyers, Inc. offers loan modification assistance. A loan modification changes the terms of the mortgage, making it more manageable for homeowners to meet their monthly obligations.

Expert Negotiation: Onboard’s team includes skilled negotiators who work directly with lenders. They aim to achieve reduced interest rates, extended loan terms, or even principal reductions.

Paperwork Assistance: Navigating the maze of paperwork required for a loan modification can be daunting. The company assists homeowners in preparing and submitting all necessary documentation, increasing the chances of approval.

3. Short Sale Facilitation

In situations where the owed amount on the mortgage surpasses the current value of the home, a short sale might be the best option. This process involves selling the home for less than the owed amount with the lender’s consent.

Lender Liaison: Onboard Home Buyers, Inc. communicates directly with the lenders to secure their approval for a short sale. Their expertise in this area ensures a smoother transaction, as they understand the intricacies of the process.

Maximized Sale Price: While a short sale does involve selling the property for less than its mortgage value, the goal is still to get the highest possible price. Onboard Home Buyers, Inc. leverages its extensive network and market knowledge to ensure the home gets maximum exposure and attracts the right buyers.


Facing foreclosure is undoubtedly stressful and can feel overwhelming. However, with professional guidance and tailored solutions, there’s hope for homeowners in distress. Onboard Home Buyers. stands out in Florida’s real estate landscape, offering a lifeline to those in need. Whether it’s through a swift home sale, loan modification, or facilitating a short sale, their commitment to helping homeowners navigate tough times is evident in their comprehensive range of services.

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